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Midlands Based Pro Dominatrix

About me

Don’t be fool by my appearance I may come across as having a soft and personable demeanour with a strict personality but on the other hand I can be sadistic, sexy, and compassionate depending on the mood of the day. I am a well mannered, professional person who has other interests out of the BDSM world. My sessions are fun and pleasant for first time slaves and sissy newbie’s. I work from well equipped and discrete dungeons where their privacy is the utmost importance.

Mistress Bounty Sessions

I am a very seductive dominant woman with a smile and truly enjoy myself while sessioning. I am not one for yelling all the time, less is best in my motto… but once you enter into my dungeon your heart soul and body is mine for those few hours we have together. I will push your boundaries; I want you to beg for mercy by the time our session has ended. You are mine for keeps, you will submit to your Mistress either becoming a toy slut pet, sissy or slave. Whatever role I decide you will submit to me.

What I do not do:
 I do not offer sex so don’t ask.


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